Skull Mounting

European Mount / European Mount Skull

In addition to cleaning your specimens, Skulls Unlimited provides a custom skull mounting service for many species. For the cost of the mount and labor, we will mount your european trophy to a custom pedestal base or an engraved Cedar Plaque personalized with your name and harvest date and/or harvest location.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to buy the pedestal and assemble it yourself, it is easy to self-mount your specimen to the base (Mounting hardware not included). This classic 9 1/2" x 13" base is available in oak and walnut finishes. It also rotates so it may be displayed as a pedestal or a wall mount.

The cost for the Live Edge Plaques with Engraving is $69.00

The cost of each regular size pedestal/mount is $49.00
Labor to mount your trophy $35.00-$65.00
Large pedestal mounts are $59.00

If we are shipping your trophies, we recommend not mounting Horned and Antlered skulls to the pedestal, as this will only raise shipping costs and increase the risk of damaging your trophy.

We also have metal "Skull Hangers" available for european mounts. These can be used  for deer, ram, pronghorn and small horned African . The cost for these are $49.00